Pussymon: Episode 42

    Those crazy pussymons only sit in the bushes and wait patiently for one to come back and assess how sexy they're so waste no longer since 42nd vignette of saga is here and it's called"The Fruit Valley". After latest events you have found out that Samara helped you to find the Hydragodon for himself. When she fianlly did it has set the Pussymon Hunter Society (and might be the entire world) Below a good hazard. So guess what is your assignment will be? That is correct - go on the market and find a means to halt the attack while you have any time from occurring! New lines of dialogs, fresh quests, fresh adventures an dofcourse fresh sexy pussymons and cartoons. And do not miss another vignette that's very probable will be more Xmas Special!
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  • Added: 2019-01-15
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