FT: Seductive RPG II

    This game form"Fuck Town" series will give a little bit more of freedom than usual. Today you will not simple get through the story about one character meeting another character and have fucky-fucky. This game instead will be a full scale dating simulator (or a seductive rpg as it is titled). Which menas that you can explore quite a lot of different regions in the city and wherever you will go you will have a chance to meet a sweet girl there. But no one will guarantee that you will get her into your bed only because it is supposed to happen by the plot. No, in this game youw ill have to earn your right to have fucky-fucky with each partiucluar girl. You will have to find work and earn money and also you will have to find ways to improve your stats to be succesfull in relationships.
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  • Added: 2018-10-05

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